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Bing Dao Ancient Tree Raw Pu'erh Tea Dragon Balls

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We are now very excited to offer a delicious puerh tea from the famous Bing Dao village. There are five natural villages in the famous greater Bing Dao village area, and this tea is truly a treasure find. When I first sat down at the raw processing facility there, it impressed me with its unbelievable sweet aroma and rock sugar taste filling my mouth. Without hesitation I purchased the whole production and had it made into these beautiful dragon balls. Can you imagine a pu'erh tea that tastes like sugar cane? Well, this definitely is not an ordinary musty-tasting pu'erh, but literally tastes like candy in your mouth. No wonder why pu'erh teas from Bing Dao village are so famous and the most sought after. I can assure you this tea is like the champagne of pu'erh tea. 

The ball is hand pressed and hand wrapped. I watched how they did it by hand, and believe me, it is not an easy job! Each ball weighs about 8g, and is meant for a single serving. Brewing the tea is easy, use any utensils you have at hand, either a gaiwan, glass tea pot, or clay teapot, it will quickly become your most beloved pu'erh tea. 

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Origin:                       MengkuYunnan province, China

Harvest Time:           April 2016 

Bush Varietal:          Yunnan Da Ye (large leaf)

Caffeine level:          Medium

Health Benefits:    Puer tea has great health benefits, especially in helping digestion and weight control. Puer tea has been used by many ethnic groups in China as a digestive aid for thousands of years. 

  • Aids to digestive system and helps weight control
  • Helps to reduce the effects of aging
  • Helps to reduce blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol
  • Helps to detox the body 

Aromatic, notes of strong rock sugar and caramel, full bodied, and a smooth aftertaste. No musty taste. You will notice that it becomes sweeter with each steeping. 

205oF, one ball for 14-16 oz of spring/filtered water, first steeping 1 min; the rest steepings 0.5-1 min, up to 8 steepings.  We advise against the use of tap water as well as purified water.