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Award-Winning 2019 Artisan Liu An Gua Pian Green Tea

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A masterfully crafted tea made with devotion, passion and extraordinary methods, this tea has won 3rd place award in the prestigious 2016 North American Tea Championship in the green tea category! Lu An Gua Pian has a reputation as a top ten famous Chinese tea and was a tribute tea for centuries. It has an extraordinary production process unlike any other green tea. It has a bright and clean green color and a unique flavor profile due to its unique harvesting standard, firing and roasting process. It provides an intense floral aroma, a rich complex flavor, creamy, and a light vegetal sweet aftertaste with no astringency. 


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A green tea with very unusual style and character, and with an extraordinary production process unlike any other, Lu An Gua Pian has a reputation as one of the top ten famous Chinese teas and was a tribute tea for centuries. 


This tea is named after the tea-producing region of Lu An, Anhui province, China. The dry leaves resembles the shape of sunflower seeds, thus the name "Gua Pian".  Lu An Gua Pian has three distinguishing traits that sets it apart from other green tea. While other green teas consist of buds and one or two young leaves, only single mature leaves are plucked for this variety, leaving the buds and stems on the tea plant. Therefore, Gua Pian is not prized for an earlier harvest or tender buds and leaves. On the contrary, the best leaves are picked around Guyu season, in late April when the second and third leaves grow to the preferable size.  

For more info about this tea and its production process, please read Victoria's tea sourcing trip blog here


Origin:                           Jinzai county, Anhui province, China

Picking standard:        Only mature leaves

Elevation:                     800 meters

Harvest Time:               Pre-ming, April, 2019

Caffeine level:              Light

Hint of sweet chestnut, peas, and asparagus, with a buttery sweet finish, even after several steepings. 

The following is from an independent tea review:

"The aroma is lovely, you can smell the roasting of the green for sure, giving it a toasted sesame and sunflower seed aroma along with crisp notes of zucchini, peas, asparagus and a very distant savory kelp note. It is very fresh and green, with the toasted notes giving it a sweetness."

Health Benefits:           Green tea is loaded with antioxidants. Studies suggest green tea has the following health benefits.

  • Helps to fight cancer
  • Helps to reduce radiation
  • Helps to fight inflammatory disease
  • Helps to reduce the effects of aging
  • Helps to reduce blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol
  • Helps to detox the body 

185-195oF, 3-4 grams (2 tbsp) for 8-10 oz of spring/filtered water, adjust to taste, 0.5 -1 minute, 4-5 steeps. We advise against the use of tap water as well as purified water.