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Award-winning 2004 Vintage Menghai Bliss Ripen Shu Pu-erh Tea

A gold-medal award winner in the 2019 Global Tea Championship competition, this delicious 16 year-old shu/ripened pu-erh tea hails from Menghai, produced by the prestigious Bai Li Sheng tea company. This tea has the charm of the true original "Menghai flavor" that pu-erh tea connoisseurs love, and delivers the classic Menghai ripened pu-erh "buzz". It has very little earthy taste, is very smooth, full-bodied, pleasant mouthfeel and texture, with a hint of roasted plum and black cherry. Each steeping is naturally sweet otherwise known as "huigan", and it gets sweeter with each subsequent steeping. It is the best in its class and a pleasant journey exploring the nuances of each steeping with this wonderful tea. 

This tea cake weighs 357g. 

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Origin:                    Menghai, Yunnan province, China

Harvest Time:         Spring 2004

Bush Varietal:         Yunnan Da Ye (large leaves)

Caffeine level:         Low

Tasting Notes

It has very little earthy taste, is very smooth and naturally sweet, with a hint of roasted plum and black cherry and it gets sweeter with each steeping.  

Steeping Guide

210oF, 5g for 6-8 oz of spring/filtered water, 15s to 30s, up to 12 steepings.  We advise against the use of tap water as well as purified water. 

It is recommend to use the Gongfu brewing method in order to get the most out of the tea. Please click here for Gongfu brewing instructions.