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Artisan Blue and White Snow Mountain Fair Cup Pitcher 380ml/12.8oz

A one-of-a-kind treasure that represents the pinnacle of Jingdezhen's porcelain craftsmanship, incorporating top quality raw materials and stringent firing requirements and masterfully designed and finished at a top local art studio. This piece is 100% handcrafted, fully painted with meticulous detail, exhibiting the luminescence that is characteristic of top quality porcelain using master skills that require decades of training. It is simply a magnificent work of art, and exclusive to our online store. 

"Distant mountain" is a classic theme in Chinese art, poetry, and paintings. In this cup, you see meticulously detailed paint at every angle of the cup, snowy mountains, pine trees, a pagoda, flying birds, and a wise man or a fisherman looking up to the mountains, representing the ancient Chinese philosophy of spiritual piece and harmony between man and nature.  

This cup is simply elegant and stunning! Beautiful to behold and comfortable to use. It will surely enrich your tea experience, and is a great investment for your tea ware collection.  

$ 526.00
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