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Jingdezhen Artisan Doucai Porcelain Tea Cup Figure Dong Po’s Love 斗彩东坡主人杯 - MeiMei Fine Teas
Jingdezhen Blue and White Wucai Porcelain Tea Cup Dong Po 东坡爱砚杯 - MeiMei Fine Teas
Jingdezhen Artisan Blue and White Porcelain Dong Puo Tea Cup 东坡爱砚 - MeiMei Fine Teas

Jingdezhen Artisan Wucai Porcelain Tea Cup Figure Dong Po Love 五彩东坡主人杯

$ 447.00

Since 2014, Victoria has regularly visited some renowned studios in Jingdezhen and brought back some fine tea wares made of the most authentic material, crafted by Jingdezhen's top artists representing the pinnacles of Jingdezhen's craftmanship. This tea cup is made from local white porcelain, with a vivid figure painting with Wucai style. Wucai firing was invented during Ming dynasty, about 1400 years ago, in the Jingdezhen kiln. This type of decorative or colorful porcelain is labor intensive. It uses the combination of a blue-and-white underglaze and painted again on the surface for second firing.  

The hand painting art work is inspired by one of the greatest ancient Chinese scholar-official, a poet, calligrapher, writer and painter, Su Dong Po (苏东坡) in Song dynasty. The painting shows him sitting on the garden appreciating his ink slab, one of the four must-have elements of the ancient intellectual's desk, which is still treasured today. The painting of figures on porcelain requires decades of training and talent. It is a beautiful representation of traditional porcelain work and serves as a practical, easy to handle tea cup. All in all, a great addition to your tea ware collection. 

 Capacity:  90ml