Award-Winning World Class Tea, Farm To cup

Try our award-winning world class oolongs, from its true origin, directly sourced. Traditional Chinese oolongs usually has intense aroma, robust taste, very flavorful. We carry legendary oolongs from their ture origins with superior quality and taste. We carry wide range of traditional well-made oolongs, Tie Guan Ying, Phoenix Dan Cong and Wuyi Rock oolongs, well-suited for either new oolong drinkers or oolong connoisseurs. 

Oolong tea is semi-oxidized, at a level between 20% - 80%. It has a varying and complex aroma and flavor profile, ranging from light and floral to very robust and smoky. Making oolong tea is usually labor intensive and requires years of training and master level skills. 

Oolong tea has great health benefits. Studies have suggested that it can especially help to boost metabolism and help weight loss.