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Victoria's Tea Travels (2017) - Wudong Mountain

Victoria recently traveled to Fenghuang City in the Guangdong Province of China in search of the best Phoenix Dan Cong oolong teas she could find! This journey took her to Wudong Mountain. We'll share some of her breathtaking photos from the mountain today, and on Monday, we'll look at some of the Phoenix oolong teas she sourced.

WuDong Mountain Cloud Cover

The cloud cover nestles itself right below the peaks of the mountains. It almost looks like a raging river that is winding its way between the mountains. The mist from the clouds creates a luscious environment for vegetation and wildlife, creating a plentiful source of moisture. 

WuDong Mountain

Here Victoria sits on a boulder, overlooking the view from the mountain. The mountains are peaceful and refreshing, but the terrain can be challenging at times. Sourcing good quality tea is certainly no easy task, but the sights are amazing.

WuDong Mountain

Sometimes it can feel as though you are on top of the world. Wudong Mountain provides a great view for landscape photography. 

WuDong Mountain Sunset

What is a wonderful day without a sunset to match? As the sun slowly falls behind the mountains, you can see the mist returning to cover the land. Good night, Wudong Mountain!

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May 04, 2017