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The Perfect Tea Gift Guide: Eight Exceptional Gift Ideas for the Tea Lover in Your Life

The Perfect Tea Gift Guide: Eight Exceptional Gift Ideas for the Tea Lover in Your Life

It is hard to believe, but the Holiday Season is almost upon us, officially starting in one week on Thanksgiving. While it is a season to be celebrated with good food and good company, it is also traditionally a season of gift-giving. If you have a tea enthusiast in your life, we’ve got you covered with our Perfect Tea Gift Guide below!

jingdezhen porcelain ancient treasure painting 

Keep It Simple Gifts

  1. Dragonwell Green Tea – Perhaps the most well-known green tea on the planet, good Dragonwell embodies the entire tea drinking experience and is a safe bet to please any tea lover, especially those who are looking to step away from “mainstream” tea and into the world of loose leaf. For the tea connoisseur who might be a bit harder to please, we also recommend our West Lake Dragonwell, a harvest that is sourced from the birthplace of this magnificent tea and that promises a little more of an elevated tasting experience.
  1. The Ultimate Collection Sampler – Maybe the tea lover in your life is looking for a little more variety? If so, then don’t hesitate to offer them our Ultimate Collection, a generous sampling of some of the best, authentic Chinese teas available. This sample pack not only includes West Lake Dragonwell green tea, but it also features a really nice white tea known as Fuding White Peony, our out-of-this-world award-winning black tea Keemun Imperial Gongfu, a “can’t go wrong” oolong for novices and connoisseurs alike Anxi Floral Tieguanyin, and an excellent shu pu-erh tea 2007 Mengku Sweet Breeze. Each tea comes in a generous 12–15 gram resealable bag, allowing your tea lover to experience each one multiple times for the best possible experience. Don’t be afraid to take the tea tasting challenge yourself and discover your favorite!

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  1. Rock Clay Travel Tea Set – It is not uncommon to begin one’s loose leaf tea journey using tea bags or infusers, but eventually, there will come a time when one desires to get the most out of their tea drinking experience, branching into the use of teapots and gaiwans. Our Rock Clay Travel Tea Set is the perfect gift for those who appreciate a good tea set while on the go. It comes in two different varieties — contemporary or classic teapot — with a set of cups and a travel bag. Not only is it great for everyday use, but it offers the convenience of being able to take it anywhere you go, whether it is the office, vacation, or a picnic.
  1. The Gift Card – In a time crunch? Is your tea lover hard to please? Whatever the case, you can never go wrong with the gift card. It may not make for the most exciting gift opening experience, but it’s sure to please, allowing your recipient to decide what makes them happy.

When Only the Best Will Do

  1. A Yixing Teapot – Some say that you haven’t really tasted tea until you’ve used a Yixing teapot to make it. Yixing teapots, or Zisha, are often imitated but never duplicated. True, authentic Zisha comes from Yixing city in China, using a special purple clay unique to the area. Its combination of a distinct mineral composition and porosity makes for an outstanding tea drinking experience. Once the teapot is seasoned, over time, it begins to reflect the character of the tea used, which in turn enhances the infusions. For this reason, it is strongly recommended to use only one kind of tea with these teapots. Our Zisha are authentic, non-toxic, and artisanally crafted.

Yixing Zisha tea pot black Xishi 

  1. A Gaiwan – Gaiwans are absolutely essential to preparing tea “gong fu” style. “Gong fu,” which means “with effort,” is a careful, thoughtful method of preparing tea wherein one strives to make the perfect cup of tea for the moment. It is a meditative exercise that many find to be very relaxing, uplifting, and fulfilling. Don’t forget a tea tray, tea cups, and utensils to complete the experience!
  1. – This tea is a collector’s item and is worth every single penny. While it is one of the more expensive puerhs that we offer, the cake offers almost a pound of tea, and as a puerh, its shelf life will more than pay for itself, as it will continue to taste better as it ages. It has a nice, crisp body with a honey-like sweetness that lingers on the palate long after the sip finishes. Even people who insisted that they did not like puerh will remark at how good this tea tastes. We promise that it won’t disappoint!
  1. Jingdezhen Porcelain Treasure Teapots and Teacups – If you appreciate fine art, then our Treasure collection of teapots and tea cups is perfect for you! Each piece is pain-stakingly hand-crafted in Jingdezhen, showcasing the characteristics that made Chinese porcelain teawares some of the most sought-after pieces in the world. Each piece in our treasure collection is paper thin, reflective, and luminescent, with many of our top-quality pieces featuring exquisite reliefs that have been etched into the sides. When a light is shined on them, they glow, and the reliefs are mesmerizing. Even if one chooses to never use them functionally, these are museum-quality pieces that make for perfect displays to entertain and dazzle guests. But you are certainly welcome to use these pieces as well since they are indeed functional and easy to use.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions so that we can help you find that perfect gift for the special people in your life!

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