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The 2018 MeiMei Fine Teas Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide, Pt. I (Teas)

Do you need to shop for that beloved tea connoisseur in your life? Maybe you’re just determined to share the gift of tea with someone new to the lifestyle? Of course, you might just be interested in treating yourself after taking care of everyone else? 

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No matter the reason, it’s not always easy to find that special gift for the holiday occasion. While purchasing a gift card is certainly always an option, some prefer to open a wrapped gift and experience the surprise that comes with it. Rather than take your chances, we’re here to help lead you in the right direction with our ultimate holiday gift guide!

The Teas

Shi Feng West Lake Dragonwell  - This stunning pre-ming green tea hails from West Lake, Huangzhou, specifically the highly coveted Lion’s Peak, the true, original home of dragonwell. As expected from a true origin tea, this dragonwell does not disappoint.

Most dragonwell teas on the market feature a flavor profile that is predominantly chestnut, and some even taste grassy and astringent. Not the case with our Shi Feng Dragonwell. With no astringency whatsoever, this pristine tea showcases that characteristic dragonwell nuttiness and complements it with delightful floral notes and a sweet, spring honey aftertaste. 

Wuyi Bai Rui Xiang Rock Oolong – It’s not uncommon for tea vendors to offer Wuyi oolongs in the market these days, and for good reason. Given their level of deep oxidation and natural minerality from imparted from the soil in the Wuyi mountain region, these teas are quite distinctive relative to other oolongs. Any seasoned tea drinkers knows a Wuyi when she tastes it.

But there’s a disappointing dark side to Wuyi oolongs — some vendors and distributors don’t quite know what to look for, assuming these teas should have a charcoal or some other strong, roasty flavor. We’re on a mission to redefine the experience of tasting a Wuyi rock oolong, and so we source only those that are expertly roasted, that is, roasted in such a way that their natural fragrance and flavor profiles are not suppressed but enhanced.

Indeed, every one of our rock oolongs thus have their very own unique tasting notes, often tantalizing the tastebuds with roasted and ripened fruits of varying kinds. It’s no wonder our Floral Shui Xian and our Horse Head Rock oolongs were award winners in tasting competitions! Although those two teas are amazing in their own right, for the holidays, we’re recommending one of our entry level rock oolongs, Bai Rui Xiang. It’s great for those new to the world of rock oolongs, boasting a bright and clear golden liquor with precisely those good Wuyi roasted fruit notes in the nose.

mandarin orange puerh tea stuffed tea blended tea

2007 Xinhui Mandarin Gongting Puerh – There’s no question that puerh teas have been trending up in the western world for over the past decade, and there’s no sign that this trend is slowing down any time soon. The world of puerh tea is unquestionably rich, introducing tea lovers of all stripes to exotic flavors and appearances not tasted or seen before in the west. In fact, puerh as a class of tea on its own might very well eclipse the diversity of all other kinds of tea combined. That’s just a testament to how much depth there is.

For these reasons, it’s always amusing to hear someone insist that they do not like puerhs. With so many different teas out there, there’s bound to be one that pleases, and we’re happy to do our best to help those interested pick the right one out.

Puerh veterans especially like their sheng tea bings, and so they might gravitate towards something like our Mengku Ba Nuo puerh. An authentic Teng Tiao cha (rattan tea), one of our customers likened it to the tea equivalent of an Old Vine Zinfandel from California, and we couldn’t agree more.

But for those new to puerhs, unfamiliar with the terminology and the flavors, we find our 2007 Xinhui Mandarin Gongting puerh to be an appropriate gateway into this wonderful world. Whether you’re a novice or a bit more experienced, the authentic Xinhui mandarin shell in which this tea was aged gives it an extraordinarily pleasant sweet citrus flavor, like a candied orange. As a bonus, it also doubles as an excellent sipping tea when feeling unwell, an unfortunate, common occurrence during the winter months.

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Of course, if you’re still unsure of what to purchase or just plumb prefer to try many different kinds of teas, there’s always the convenient sampler packs. Not only do they make excellent stocking stuffers, they’re also perfect for sharing at the office!

Don’t forget that we’re here to help answer any questions you might have! Stay tuned for next week’s post that continues our holiday gift guide by featuring some of our favorite tea wares!

Happy Holidays from MeiMei Fine Teas!

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