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Tea to Go: The Benefits of Tea Travel Set

Tea to Go: The Benefits of Tea Travel Set

We sometimes encounter a bit of frustration when there isn’t the time or means to enjoy a cup of tea at home, wishing we could share a great loose leaf tea with friends and other tea lovers or even wishing to enjoy some tea out in nature. When traveling, a good cup of our favorite tea makes everything much more pleasant.     

It's a great idea to bring the joy and love of tea wherever we go. 

While a tea tumbler seems like a good idea, you might encounter some problems if you haven’t done so already. For starters, many of us tend to pick out stainless steel ones for their heat retention qualities. But when you use different types of teas and beverages in your thermos, especially coffee or mint-flavored tea, you may start to find that those flavors can linger for a while, even after a soapy rinse. The last thing we want to drink when we’re enjoying our King’s Grade Tieguanyin oolong tea is a strange medley of coffee and mint along with it.

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Some people try to remedy this by soaking their tea tumblers, even going so far as using a cleaning mixture with alcohol added to it, but this can be unnecessarily time-consuming and doesn’t always work. In addition, it does nothing to solve the problem of transporting more delicate teas, like En Shi Yulu (Jade Dew) green tea or Bai Hao Yi Zhen (Silver Needle) white tea, where you might find the flavor “off” when it stays in the thermos for a few hours.

A popular alternative to a stainless steel tea tumbler is a porcelain one. Even though mint can still be a problem, this seems to resolve many flavor issues. The real danger though is that we are not always careful. Sometimes we catch ourselves trying to do too many things at once and we drop things. When one of those things turns out to be our porcelain mug, our day instantly goes from good to bad or bad to worse. We’ve all been there. 

At MeiMei Fine Teas, we have a third, eco-friendly alternative. Rather than resorting to paper cups, which are not environmentally friendly or aesthetically interesting, we recommend trying one of our tea travel sets!

Each set comes with a teapot that has a built-in strainer, a set of tea cups, and even a set of metal tongs so that you can brew your tea gongfu style if you so choose. The additional cups make it easy to entertain and enjoy your tea with any friends, even at the last minute.

In addition, the tea sets are packed in a convenient, foam-insulated carrying case, protecting your tea set from many unfortunate mishaps. They’re a wonderful solution for those of us interested in making the most of our high-quality, single-origin teas while also desiring to preserve the visual interest that tea making and tea drinking can afford.

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They are available in two different designs: a traditional-style teapot that features a surface of concentric lines and an open-spout, contemporary-style teapot that features a hammered surface look. Both sets are made using high-quality rock clay, and if cared for, promise many years of exciting, fulfilling tea preparation.

What about the water?

You can and should keep your stainless steel thermos, but you should use it instead for transporting your hot water and keeping it at your desired temperature. By dedicating your thermos to water only, it will resist taking on any flavors. The rugged feature of the thermos is a nice complement to the rustic

If there were a “perfect” combination of convenience, style, taste, and mood in those on-the-go situations, it can be found with our elegant tea travel sets!

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