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Latest Arrivals - Aged Tea

There’s a lot of excitement happening at MeiMei Fine Teas as we get ready to send Victoria Wu on her sourcing trip to China to find you the best-tasting and most interesting teas! In anticipation of what the Spring Harvest will bring, we have already started releasing some new teas to the website.

aged tea - meimei fine teas  

For those of you who enjoy the richness and complexity of aged teas, there’s a lot to like with the latest additions to our tea offerings!

  • 2006 Lao Liu Bao Dark Tea is a very complex aged tea that begins with a distinct earthiness before unfolding some lovely floral aromatics in later infusions. It was sourced from Liu Bao village in Guangxi province, where top grade leaves were picked, traditionally processed, stored in bamboo baskets for the purpose of aging for 10 years. The result is a really fun dark tea that surprises with every infusion!

aged liu bao - meimei fine teas  

  • 2007 Xinhui Mandarin Gongting Puerh Tea is a puerh tea that teases the taste buds with tantalizing citrus notes.The puerh tea that is stuffed in an authentic, dried Xinhui mandarin is Gongting shu puerh tea that has been aged for 10 years. We recommend breaking off some small pieces of the mandarin shell to steep along with the tea! 
  • 2008 Vintage Shui Xian Wuyi Oolong is a very unique aged version of the Narcissus Oolong. Initial infusions burst with notes of sage, nutmeg, minerality, and a touch of pepper. Harvested in 2008, this tea was moderately charcoal-fired and then carefully stored. It has a very unique and pleasant flavor profile, and so is definitely worth trying if you’re looking for something exciting and different.
  • 2012 Da Hong Pao Wuyi Oolong is perfect for those looking for a tea that screams "refined." Each sip introduces a wonderful concoction of medicinal herb, roasted dark cherries, and a bit of smokiness. This oolong tea was harvested in 2012, receiving a traditional roasting over a charcoal fire, after which it was subsequently stored for the purpose of aging. This is the tea you want to enjoy by the fireplace or in your library! 

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